Acrylic, resin, and ink
Can you see me?
‍-Not clear.
‍Can you see it?
‍-Not clear.
‍Can you see yourself?
‍-Not clear. 

The case is double-sides. No matter the insider or outsider, they can’t see things clearly through the case due to the distortion causing by the EYES. Who are these eyes? Do they really exist or not? The truth is that If none tell us, we don’t even know what they are.


CONCERNtrated.2.0 is developed from a previous work which marked as CONCERNtrated.1.0. CONCERNtrated2.0 documents my feelings and interpretations regarding the SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder). It reveals the isolation and the anxiety of which caused by the negative assumptions of being focused on by other people.

The eye shape drops are the metaphor of my negative assumption on other's judgment on me, and the box which they(eye drops) are attaching on, is becoming a prison which hinders the insider to feel and see the world in a natural and realistic way.This box is double-sided.

On one hand, the insider who feels her/himself are being displayed inside will see the outer world in an error way due to the distortion caused by the "eyes". As an insider, I can't focus on the things outside because the "eyes " are too distractive. The reflection in a real situation is that the fragility and the over-sensitivity caused by SAD have made me become timid and nervous inside, I am over-concerned about other's sights on me, thus can't even distribute more vigor to feeling and seeing the real world and enjoy it.

On the other hand, the outsider can't see or recognize the insider clearly too. When I am talking to others, an assumption which "I believe if I made any mistake, they will think I am not a good person" is occupying my mind. The inner tensions of me are like marks on my image, they have made my image become obscure.